The South 40 Fitness Center

The South 40 fitness center is one of my favorite places on campus. Many people don’t find out about the 40’s very own fitness center until they have seen their friend disappearing up the stairs in Bears Den. Once they know what it is, they fall in love with this wonderful little treasure tucked above the dining hall.

The South 40 fitness center is pretty much the Sumer’s Recreation (the AC) light. There are a few great cardio machines to choose from treadmills, bikes, and a variety of low impact machines. There is also a smaller weight area with free weights and some machines. The stretching area is a sweet space with windows on all four sides, it has anything you’d need to start, complete, or supplement your workout including stability balls, some extra weights, and mats. It is a really easy way to work a workout into your schedule in a smaller, less crowded, and inviting area. It’s located right above Bear’s Den so it’s very convenient for those who struggle to find time for a workout in their day. I started working out in the South 40 fitness center in the first few weeks of school before the AC opened. I would go up even if I only had half an hour to work out and try to fit in a mile or a rep of whatever routine I wanted to try out.

My favorite workouts in the South 40 happen before brunch on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. BD has a brunch on the weekends that opens at 11 and closes at 2. Due to a week full of 8 am classes, I was used to being up at the early hour of 7 on the weekends, 8 or 9 if I was lucky. The South 40 would open at 9. I’d grab a snack and go for a lovely, long workout before brunch would open. Normally starting off with running a few miles, then doing weights, and finishing the morning workout off in the stretching area. The workout would finish with me wiping down my equipment and running downstairs to get into brunch as soon as it opened to stuff my stomach full of an omelette, fruit, and a pancake or two.

On weekdays I’ll switch between the AC and the 40 Fitness Center. When the AC opened I would visit there daily for a workout or a class because I was so excited about that big and beautiful the new facility. Though, there’s always going to be something I love about capping off a busy in day on the 40: overlooking the swamp, the pretty string lights lit over BD.