Life as a Walrus

From freshman to sophomore year, I went from being a King to a Walrus. That is, I did not stay in the same Residential College. My first year, I was in Lien, whose mascot is a King. Life as a king was great. I was the closest freshman dorm to main campus, right on Shepley drive, and close to the main dining hall on the South Forty. To top it all off, my roommate became one of my best friends. We decided we wanted to live with each other again sophomore year, along with our closest friend from another dorm. Living with somebody from a different freshman dorm makes housing slightly more difficult, because you don’t get to automatically move along within the same Residential College.

This caused a little anxiety on our part, wondering where we would end up on campus. In March, we found out we would be housed in Wheeler, a beautiful modern dorm in the back corner of the Forty. The mascot: a walrus. Initially we were unsure about this move, because my roommate and I were spoiled by the convenience of Lien. However, living in Wheeler meant we got three single bedrooms in our suite, in addition to a large common room and a private bathroom for the three of us. We may be walruses, but we’re living pretty lavish.

After living in Wheeler for a month, I realize there are a different set of conveniences. Right outside our door are sets of hammocks, a basketball court, and The Swamp, which is a large green space where we play frisbee or eat can on a nice day. Living in Wheeler allows me to experience a lot more of the campus. I see exciting activities, such as kick ball games or philanthropic events that I can participate in on the Swamp which I may not have made an effort to go to otherwise. Even more, I’ve become really close with some other Walruses on the floor above me.

Overall, I’m happy with my move, and being a King is overrated, anyway!