*insert awkward introduction*

*Taps mic*

Hello? Um, is this thing on? Yeah?

Hello everyone! My name is Lauryn, and I am a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences. At this point, my major is practically a mile long, but here goes. I am majoring in American Culture Studies with two concentrations in Policy-Making and Visual, Material & Digital Cultures. I am also minoring in Writing, and, because that wasn’t enough, I am also pursuing a minor in Entrepreneurship in the Olin Business School.

*Gasps for air*

I know. Who would do that to themselves? It sounds like an impossible schedule and takes a full two minutes to tell someone when they ask, “What are you studying?” and a solid five minutes when they inevitably inquire, “What exactly is American Culture Studies?” (That’s a topic for another blog post). However, this conglomeration of vastly different fields of study that I explain to people represents one of my favorite things about Wash U – you really can be whoever you want to be. You can satisfy every part of your multifaceted curiosity.

As a freshman, I came here knowing that I was going to be an English major. I thought I might add in some business classes in order to gain some general knowledge, but that was it. Yet, I quickly realized that I didn’t love reading Shakespeare and Homer, but that I loved writing. So, I decided to take on a Writing minor. When I took an intro business course, I realized that I actually enjoyed it and decided to minor in Entrepreneurship. At this point, I was so incredibly nervous because I still did not have a major. When I explained this to my advisor, he asked what I loved – to do, to read about, to write about, to explore. When it seemed like I had thrown all of my seemingly conflicted passions into the atmosphere – writing, history, startups, social justice, art, cinema—he introduced me to American Culture Studies. Like magic, everything coalesced.

I guess this introduction post has turned into an advice post. While my wisdom is limited, I can tell you this with confidence. Whatever you want to do, no matter how complicated or confusing, you can do it at Wash U. Even when you don’t know where to start, you are never alone. Wherever you turn, there is always someone who wants to help. On a campus where everyone is driven, dedicated, and full of fantastic dreams, that is a beautiful thing.