Hey, nice to meet you. I’m …

“Hey, nice to meet you. I’m …”

Within the past couple of weeks now, this has been the primary mode of communication through which I’ve spoken to other people … and I’ve already spent an entire year here! You’d expect to have finished that meet-and-greet stage by the time you’re no longer a freshman … but there are just SO many amazing and different people here that you’ll never get bored of meeting new ones.

I’m just one of the thousands of students at WashU trying to figure out her life. People can always tell that I’m still confused when I tell them what I’m studying: PNP (Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology), with potential minors in Writing and Music. There’s that moment of “Oh!” and then, “Oh?” and finally, “Oh.” It gets especially interesting when I tell anyone who doesn’t go to WashU that my major is PNP; they always want to know what that is, how it works, and why I chose it. And, to be honest, I love explaining everything. After all, PNP is a major unique to WashU, and never fails to pique the listener’s interest. Plus, whether you’re a Humanities-centered kid (like me) who’s also semi-interested in the sciences (without wanting to put yourself through years of Gen Chem, Orgo, etc. *shudder*), or just a science fanatic in general, PNP has something for everyone.

Anyway, excuse my tangent. Let’s see … more about me. I play the violin and piano (I’ve taken private lessons here and played in both the chamber ensemble and the symphony orchestra), am a Korean student involved in various Asian-American extracurriculars, and am using my time here at WashU to grow both academically and simply as a human being. I hope you’ll join me on this new journey as both you and I learn more about everything WashU has to offer!

So, hey, nice to meet you. I’m Grace. And this is just the beginning of sophomore year.