Aloha from a stranger!

The South 40 from Mudd House

Hey everyone!

I’m Paige and I’m a sophomore at Wash U. Before I jump in to writing what life is like for me here at Wash U, I’d like to share a little about myself!

I was born and raised in Hawaii, so St. Louis has been an adventure. I’m not gonna lie—I’ve had a little bit of a culture shock being plopped down in this place with so many students with backgrounds way different from my own. To my eternal shame, I couldn’t even point out St. Louis on a map when I first visited. However, as someone with a love for different cultures, languages, and lifestyles, those differences are some of the things I appreciate most about going to college here.

Throughout my life, I’ve developed two major loves: languages and art. My first semester at Wash U, it was just so AMAZING to have both the opportunity and freedom to pick whatever I wanted to learn that I just registered for three language courses (Chinese, French, and Japanese). It was an awesome semester.

Anyhow, onward to my long term plan: for now I’ve figured that the best way to learn what I love is through a Chinese major and Design minor. While many Wash U students go for double majors, I’m thinking I’d like to explore a few other subjects—and maybe a few other languages, too! (Wash U teaches like 14 languages guys. 14.)

I really like trying out new things, and the opportunities are endless. It’s amazing and frustrating at the same time when you have a tendency to want to do everything like I do. Last year, I was an active member of three clubs and an occasional participant in another three or four. And there was still more I wanted to do. This year I’m trying to cut back a bit on extracurriculars to work on some personal projects, but somehow I found myself at the activities fair again this year, typing my name and email address on every other table I came across. Ah, well. I tried. But who can pass up trying archery?

At the Fall 2017 Activities Fair

Anyhow. So far it’s looking like my main clubs will be Cultivating Connections (farming/refugee/community service) and SIR (International and Area Studies Honorary). I have a handful of others that I’m not sure if I will do yet, and even more whose events I will attend, but I’ll be writing as the semester goes on and my priorities get straightened out!

Good luck with your college search, and for sure check back later to see what my fellow bloggers and I are getting up to here on campus!