Meet the Professors: A series finale

Professor: Professor Jennifer Hudson

Position: Prison Education Project Manager

Introduction to Political Theory was the class that taught me that I don’t really know how to read. Well, I know how to read, but reading parts of Isiah Berlin’s Two Concepts of Liberty proved to be much more difficult than my AP US History textbook. But not to worry, Professor Hudson would go over the core arguments of every text in class, asking us questions about the applications of and connections between texts to ensure that we understanding the material. During class she also created many moments for us to ask questions.

Aside from her office hours, Professor Hudson held a 2 hour review session in Café Bergson before both our midterm and the final. She answered a variety of questions  and spent time going through the readings with us. On occasion, I asked to meet outside of her office hours. She offered to meet me at a location closer to my dorm/Danforth Campus (her office is verrrry far). I ended up having an hour and a half conversation with her about my freshman year, her own research project, and (of course) the Berlin reading.

Professor Hudson also, unbeknownst to me, recommended me to be a TA for Political Theory. She also sent me articles that I might find interesting as an Econ major. I found myself so appreciative to have a professor like Professor Hudson looking out for me, even after the semester had ended.