In a Rush

Greek Life. Every movie portraying a typical college campus shows clips of Greek Life.

You’re probably thinking about socializing, rush, and philanthropy. But there’s another side of Greek Life that I discovered coming to WashU, professional fraternities and sororities.

This was an entirely new concept to me; these groups are especially dedicated to students who are passionate about their studies and are looking for developing their professional future. And there is a social aspect too. Students can get involved as early as the Spring of their first year, and there are different groups for business, chemistry, engineering, etc.

I never really saw myself in Greek Life until my friend invited me to an information session for AOE. I asked her “AOE? I’m not familiar with that one.” And she responded, “It’s the professional engineering sorority on campus.” Professional Greek Life, sure, I thought. After a semester of candidacy, I’m now a member and love being around women with similar interests and ambitions. We study together, give advice on classes, hold service and professional development events, and take study breaks by doing fun things.

But I haven’t really painted the whole picture. My rush/ candidacy process involved a lot of different events and tasks: interviews with all the sisters, wearing a pin, initiation, Big/ Little week, and Formal. Just like other Greek Life organizations. This group has allowed me to experience Greek culture in a different way; the traditions are really fun and each group has its own character. If it’s something you even have the slightest interest, learn from me and at least go to an info session. You never know where it can take you!