Take a break!

When Fall comes around, students know it’s time for a…


Fall break on campus is a great way to finally get a long weekend, two days off just when you need them. Depending on the WashU student, Fall break can look a little different.

Some students decide to use this as a chance to go home, visit family, and see some old friends. But one thing to consider: Fall break is pretty close to Thanksgiving break. And lots of students come from out-of-state so going home is not always an option. So, some other great ways to spend your time over break include:

  • Catching up/ getting ahead on studying (something we all secretly need to do but don’t want to)
  • Visit friends at other colleges
  • Take a short trip to a close city like Chicago, Memphis, Kansas City, etc.

Or stay in St. Louis and find fun things to do like I did.

In my first year, I was busy studying and getting involved with clubs so I didn’t make enough time to explore St. Louis. And it has so much to offer. So Fall break was a great chance to do so.

I started the weekend by watching the Netflix I had been missing out on, Jane the Virgin, some episodes of Friends, and a couple movies. A few hours later, I got pretty bored. I then decided to try to study a little and prepare for the upcoming homework, quizzes, and exams. Again, after a few hours I got bored.

So, I finally looked outside of WashU campus. This took me to the Loop one day for a shopping trip; there’s nothing like a new shirt. Then, I went to Forest Park and actually spent time there; I walked a little, laid down and read in the grass, and finally relaxed. The best part of the break was making plans to go to a concert. My friend texted me asking if I’d want to go see 3lau at the Pageant, so I checked Spotify and saw that I had some songs by him. With the incentive of cheap tickets, I agreed and even found a group to go with. It was one of the best decisions I made that weekend because I had so much fun.

I definitely think I used my break well this time, and I wonder what’s to come in the next three years…