A Series of Fortunate Vignettes – Visiting Campus

I made way on the campus of Washington University in St. Louis on a soft, warm summer evening. Enamored by the mesmeric beauty of the campus, the setting sun gently cloaked my surroundings with a delicate hue of orange. The distant noise of students’ chatter and the slight hum of chirping cicadas – their gentle noise fading with each passing moment – ┬áblended into the background of my mind. Bliss. Serenity.

The following morning I was met with a vast, seemingly empty stretch of sky that extended into infinity. The sun’s glow reigned over the campus as graceful clouds painted the sky’s pale-blue face. My mind was opened to an unadulterated clarity and I proceeded to my campus tour and information session.

I understand that not every student who chooses to visit Washington University’s campus, let alone any college campus for that matter, is a strong proponent of ‘feel’. That is to say they prefer the numbers and statistics related to their college of choice rather than how they might have felt physically touring through campus. I am a member of the latter faction, and it was how I felt visiting campus on that balmy August day that ultimately made me decide on applying to, and eventually attending, Washington University in St. Louis.

It is true what they say about Midwesterners, or at the very least the ‘Midwestern’ feel: it is incredibly welcoming, warm, and kind. Upon visiting campus I was instantly met with smiling faces that seemed genuinely interested in my being on campus, eager to ensure that my visit would not only be memorable, but have a lasting positive impact. Gazing upon campus for the first time, I was enraptured by Washington University’s aesthetic beauty. Moreover, my tour guide was an incredibly impressive individual who spoke eloquently on all facets of student life while including pertinent anecdotes that brought the stone walls and grass fields to life. I was overjoyed to learn that the Washington University environment and atmosphere was one of collaboration, cooperation, and support, demonstrated not only in a student’s academic life but in the blood of the university that coursed through all of its subsequent veins. In visiting campus, students are privy to the many nuances that go into creating a college and its atmosphere, information difficult to convey in writing – even more so online and through social media.

I left my visit with an invigorated spirit and a love for Washington University. Nothing brings me more pleasure than reminiscing on that fated summer visit when I decided that Washington University was the school where I wanted to attend. Lo and behold, I stroll amidst the Collegiate Gothic buildings, among the lush green spaces perfumed by floral arrangements, and let out a sigh of relief. Bliss. Serenity.