You’ll Never Believe What This WashU Student Does! *not clickbait*

Hello! As you have probably read in my bio, my name is Justin Nathenson, and I am an up-and-coming blogger working this summer for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. I will be a sophomore in the fall. I am pursing the joint undergraduate program of Process Control Systems, which provides two degrees: one in chemical engineering and one in systems engineering. I love being an engineer here because of the incredible amount of support for me and the amazing facilities that I have access to, even as a freshman.

Outside of class, I work on Washington University Chemistry Tournament, a challenging test that high schoolers can come to campus to take. I am a part of the question writing committee, which meant I wrote the exam and proctored it. I had to teach myself some organic chemistry content even though I have not taken the class yet, but it was really fun and rewarding to work on.

I am also member Phi Gamma Nu (PGN), a professional fraternity. I got involved in PGN sort of by accident – I went to an informational event with my friend for the free food, but stayed for the brotherhood. PGN’s main focus is professional development, working on skills like resume writing and case competitions, but we also do a lot of community service in St. Louis. Through PGN I volunteered at Barnes Jewish Hospital and the St. Louis Crisis Nursery, and I tutor at schools in the area.

Thanks for reading this far! Stay tuned for more blog posts coming soon.