*Witty Title for Introductory Blog Here

Hey everyone! I’m Tilak and I’m pumped to be writing some (hopefully) helpful blogs this summer. I’m from outside Chicago, so I’m close enough to home that I can go back easily, but far away enough so that my parents are unlikely to visit me. I’m about to enter my third year at WashU studying Math with minors in Economics and Psychology. My relationship with math as a subject is pretty one sided, in that I love it and give it my all, but it doesn’t always quite feel the same way about me, but I still appreciate it for what it is!

This is the part of the blog where I rattle off things that I like so that I seem like an interesting person, so here goes! I love dogs, but unfortunately, my parents don’t, so I typically have to mooch off Snapchats of my friends’ dogs to get my fix. Luckily, I have the privilege of living with my friend’s dog Charles, or Chuckie, for the summer! There is also Jynx, another pupper who lives down the street from me as well. So this is already the best summer ever. I also love watching movies. Though I appreciate the critically acclaimed, Oscar-nominee films, I’m whipped when it comes to superhero movies. Spider-Man is my favorite one, and I’m literally counting down the days till his new movie comes out (24 as of when I’m typing this).

On campus, I am a Residential Peer Mentor. Basically I hold walk-in hours for anyone who needs help in our three calculus courses. Tutoring is something I have been doing a long time, whether it’s official or not. I love seeing the spark in a student’s eyes when they reach that moment of clarity, and I can tell that I’ve actually made a difference in their academic understanding. I’m also in a fraternity on campus, something I never thought I would have done coming into freshmen year, but am glad to have done so because it allowed me to really break out of my shell and be more comfortable with being myself. Because I absolutely hate being stressed out, I have two things that I turn to in an effort to destress, the first of which is working out at the Sumers Recreation Center before classes. There’s nothing like a good rush of endorphins to carry you through the day. The second is consistently losing to my friends in Super Smash Bros. I mean, not consistently, I’ve gotten better.

This summer, I’m an intern for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at WashU, which means you’ll unfortunately be seeing more of my posts later on. Nonetheless, I’m excited to share with you all the wisdom I’ve acquired over my 20 years of existence, so stay tuned!