Sorry You Missed All The Drama

If only I started writing this blog  a year ago. Back then, I was a largely unsatisfied student with a vague commitment to the pre-med track here at WashU. I decided this was a good plan early on, and despite a lack of personal fulfillment at the end of my first semester, I stuck with it. Then, at the of my second semester the doubts started to creep in.

Now that would have been a blog! There was wrenching academic stress, some very philosophical soul-searching, a little bit of angst sprinkled over the whole thing, and maybe an existential crises or two. It was the sort of saga that makes for perfect blogging. But alas, here I am now, a more relaxed Political Science/Philosophy double major with few less existential crises. So maybe this blog won’t pull as much empathy from all the angsty pre-frosh who are reading it, but hopefully I can offer my readers some peace of mind instead. Now, I can focus on the people, organizations and events that ensured my first two years here were the best of my life so far, despite waiting too long to study what I really had a passion for. My first year floor, Beau 3, was such an excellent support system that I was inspired to become a WUSA my sophomore year. I joined Greek Life, and I immersed myself in the Climbing Club and Wilderness Project (a pre-orientation program), eventually becoming treasurer for the former and placed on budget committee for the latter. It’s experiences like these and many more that all of you have to look forward to in your time at WashU. And I hope hearing about some of these experiences from me, a student who was decidedly unsure of himself, will bring some comfort to whoever is still figuring things out.