Now and Then

Never in my life did I ever think I’d be a blogger, but here I am, writing my very first blog post and exploring whether or not writing, especially writing to share my personal experiences is something for me. The summer has just started; I have already determined that this summer will be the summer of exploration, as it is also a summer of firsts. This is the first summer that I am staying in St. Louis – I’ll be interning for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions! For the first time, I’m also navigating how to live on my own with a new roommate. This challenge includes planning meals, cooking, and grocery shopping for myself and keeping myself from just binge-watching Jane the Virgin when I get home from work.

With this internship I’ve had opportunities to continue think about my future career path, something that I seriously started on during my freshman year with the Career Center. In addition to exploring careers, Washington University has been a great place for me to explore academic and extracurricular interests. So with WashU as the backdrop to my summer, it seems perfect that I use this time to continue learning about myself and to further explore the city and the opportunities and resources that WashU has. Throughout this summer I’ll be documenting some of my favorite memories from freshman year, experiences I’ve had at WashU. Hopefully some of what I write might address some things that you might be wondering about, including what WashU has to offer. I hope you’ll join me this summer as I explore and reminisce on my first year!