Let’s Get Started

Hey, everyone!

I’m a new blogger for WashU 360, and this is my first post. Yay!

I’m not much of a writer (so blogging is quite an adventure), but I do love to share stories. So, let’s start with a little about me:

My name is Kristine Ehlinger and I’m a rising Sophomore from Dallas, TX. That’s about a 10-hour drive from St. Louis, and I chose to come to WashU after only having been in St. Louis once before! I’m studying Systems Science and Engineering on the Pre-med track, but I’m also considering a minor in business or computer science.

Even though I’ve only been here one year, I’ve tried to get involved around campus; I really like to be a part of what goes on. I’m currently in AOE (the professional engineering sorority), Ninos Cambios Puertas (a tutoring program), and SU Treasury. I also volunteer for the Admissions Office on campus to have lunch with prospective students, give interviews, etc.  Free time isn’t too common for me, but over breaks like this summer I fill my extra time with exercising (I’m currently trying to get into running), reading, or doing puzzles (yes, I know it’s nerdy).

As I mentioned earlier, I had volunteered with Admissions all year and liked it so I decided to apply for the Admissions Office Summer internship. I am now one in a team of ten students here this summer! We’ve made plans to explore St. Louis more since we’re here, have more time, and I can drive us places (it’s great). There are lots of cool restaurants and hiking places I’m looking forward to trying!

The more I do, the more stories I have to share. So, I’m looking forward to many new, blog-worthy experiences (and some good writing practice).