GroupMe, Venmo, and other College App-sentials

If you don’t already have these apps on your phone, you should consider getting them. This is a list of mobile apps that have been a big part of my college life experience. It may sound like an exaggeration but these apps have made balancing life in college a little easier for me in my first year.

  • GroupMe/ Slack: Both are mainly used for communication. I have various chat groups with friends, suitemates, club members, etc. People make chats for everything! They can be fun and useful, but it’s also good to know that you can mute certain chat groups so you don’t get constant notifications.
  • Outlook: Your WashU student email runs through Office 365. To access your emails more easily, try downloading the Outlook app. I find it helpful to stay up to date with clubs and classes by checking my email regularly. But be cautious with the mobile app: there are two tabs, “Focused” and “Other”. Check both so you don’t miss something important!
  • Venmo: This allows you to exchange money with other people. I understand why people choose not to use it, but the app is very convenient. You set up an account with a debit or credit card and can request or pay other users. I’ve used it when splitting the cost of an Uber, paying friends back for food, etc.
  • WUSTL App: WashU’s app has a lot of great information about campus including dining options, a directory, library locations, an annotated campus map, the circulator (or the “Circ”) schedule, and links to courses, news, safety, tech help, and WebSTAC. The most common uses are for finding buildings around campus, figuring out where you want to eat based on the menus, and finding Circ stops and times. Almost every student I know has this app!
  • Uber App: So, students can’t have cars their first year, but we still need to leave campus to get groceries, meet up with friends, etc. Uber can be a great way to solve this problem!
  • Spotify: Unlimited music wherever you go sounds pretty good to me. There is Wi-Fi everywhere on the Danforth campus so you don’t need to worry about using data while listening to music on your walk to class.