Photo Journal

As my last year at WashU comes to a close, I have pulled together a series of memorable photographs. Without further ado…

I vividly remember sitting in a sea of rainbow shirts at convocation, enthusiastically looking around and wondering what the next four years would bring.

On my first trip to the loop, I saw this graffiti art. It is no longer there, but I enjoyed it while it was up.

During my first drawing class, we organized our supplies. I don’t think I’ve ever been excited for something else in my entire life.

This was at the beginning of my architecture career, when my drawing table was still clean and organized….

My friend took a photo of me taking a photo of my first architecture model (inception)!

Drake concert: In December of my freshman year, I saw Drake at the Scottrade Center. My friend and I had seats in the pit, so we were able to get so close to him.

This was the day I got a bid to my sorority, Alpha Phi. I remember feeling so lucky to have joined an organization of strong, caring, intelligent women.

In the Spring, my friend and I went on a long walk through Forest Park, and discovered the beautiful Jewel Box. The park is full of hidden treasures.

My final architecture project during second semester was a kite. I decided to make it with ping pong balls, wood, and paper.

Lone Elk Park is about 45 minutes away from school. There, you can walk along the water and see Buffalo and Elk.

My final drawing project was chosen to be displayed in the Lofts (off campus housing). Here is a picture of me posing just as I posed for the drawing.

Elephant Rocks is another park about an hour and a half from school. My entire architecture class took a trip there my sophomore year to observe the natural phenomenon of these huge rocks.

The Chain of Rocks bridge, also located in St. Louis, was the site for one of our architecture projects. We had to create a small scale bridge out of wood that had the exact same dimensions as the real one.

One night when I was walking home, I saw this beautiful sunset over Brookings. Brookings really does look like a castle.

This picture is from my final review Junior year. You can see the bridge I created, and the observatory that I built to go underneath it.

Someone put a stack of these cards on an outdoor table, and it made my day. I hung it up in my room for the rest of the year.

I have about one month left, so I have to keep taking pictures! I want to make sure I have as much documentation as possible of the best four years of my life.