Cate Zone Chinese Café

Hi everyone! Let me tell you about this awesome new restaurant in St. Louis: Cate Zone. This is my “new” for this past month of April.

Located in a corner on Olive Blvd., this cutesy restaurant reflects the welcoming feeling of a café, containing the vibe a modern, hipster gathering location (almost like Starbucks).  The whole set up of the place is super creative. Right when I walked in, I read the sign on the wall in Chinese, which basically said to get off your phones and talk to those sitting next to you. I thought that was a cute addition. :p

This restaurant features authentic regional cuisines from the Dongbei region, located in the northeast corner of China. Dongbei food is known for its thick and rich stews with warm spices. See the menu below for a list of the food options.

This past Tuesday, I went here for lunch after getting a haircut. The prices are extremely reasonable (mostly under $15), perfect for a college budget. I ordered (which was big enough to be a meal) was an “appetizer.” I had chilled noodles with cucumber, cabbage, pork, carrots, mushrooms, and sesame seed sauce. The main dish I ordered “Chicken with Mushroom in Chicken Soup,” and it came with a big bowl of white rice. Oh my gosh, it was delicious! Just look at the picture below:

I definitely want to go back to Cate Zone again ASAP. Not only is the food so yummy, but the atmosphere is super chill. Rating out of 10: 10/10. 🙂

Until next time,

~ Nancy <3