A Pretty Average Day

Hey guys! You haven’t heard from me in a while since classes have been crazy, but I thought I’d do something quick about what an average day is like in my life.

So this past Wednesday, I woke up at 7:50, just enough time to get dressed and ready for my 8:30 class. As you can tell, I’m well-trained in the art of “get up as late as possible but still make it to class.” My apartment is on the east side of campus, so I’m pretty close to the art school. Before I head to my Illustration Concepts & Media, I grab a bagel from Etta’s, the art school cafe.

Wednesday morning’s studio was dedicated to working on our newest project, an editorial illustration. The twist was, we had to produce our illustration using linocut: think massive stamp carving. This is quite dangerous, surprisingly; the blades we use to carve are sharp, and the linoleum is slippery.

After Illustration Concepts & Media at 11:30, I headed immediately to Logic and Discrete Mathematics, also known as 240. 240 is actually held in the anthology buildings on the other side of campus, so I usually leave studio a bit early so I’m not late. Every Wednesday, we have a quiz in that class at the end of lecture, but our professor gives us the questions beforehand and randomly selects the quiz question with a die, so it’s not too bad. This was like any other class; take notes during lecture, take quiz, head to lunch!

My 1pm class directly after 240 is in the DUC, so it’s nice and convenient. I grabbed potstickers and a smoothie and headed to my Visual Culture class. The full name of that class is “Reading” Culture: How to Read Images: Visual Culture and Visual Literacy, quite a mouthful! That class is a more discussion/seminar based class, where we look at various visual mediums like movies and comics. This week, we’re on our television unit, and we focused on discussing television openings and how they’ve evolved. A very interesting class, in my opinion.

At 2:30, I have a break between this class and my evening studio, so I typically head home to do work and make dinner. For dinner, I had wonton and bok choy soup, a staple in my apartment. My roommate and I make large batches of wontons every few weekends before freezing individual servings, and this makes for quick dinners.

At 6pm, my roommate and I headed back to the art school for our evening studio, Interaction Design: Layout Systems. This is a studio about user interface and web design, and we learn HTML/CSS to program web pages and explore how the user can significantly interact with digital media. Our ongoing project is to redesign a badly-designed website and essentially rebrand a company. We worked on wireframes on Wednesday, basically the basic layout of what we intend to make that will guide us later on.

At 9pm, my classes are finally done for the day. I headed home, ate a snack and got to work on my homework for the next day until I went to bed.

This is a pretty typical Wednesday for me this semester. Some people get bug-eyed at the fact that I have classes from 8:30am to 9pm, but I’ve gotten pretty used to it! I hope you enjoyed reading this, and I hope you got a little insight into my everyday schedule!

Also, here’s a bonus picture from spring break where I dogsat for a friend! Her name is Jelly and she’s the most spoiled dog I’ve ever met.