Food Truck Tuesdays?

Hi guys! I have some huge gossip/news to share! There was a food truck on campus today for lunch. Yes, a food truck! Is this for real??

Rumor has it that this was a pilot project. If successful (which is super likely, judging from the gigantic line there today), this might become a reoccurring event for EVERY Tuesday for the rest of the semester!

My friend was in charge of the PR for the event. As any great PR guy would do, he posted the event on all of the official Wash U Facebook pages for each class. He even created a FB event for it called “Food Truck on Campus *MEAL Points*,” and he invited over 1,000 undergraduate students to it.

We had Steak Louie for food, which had an incredibly diverse menu.

I ended up ordering “The Louie” and “East Coast Fries.”

After getting my food, I sat in a large table inside the DUC with 4 other friends (who also ate food truck food!).

The meal points part is definitely the selling point. Hungry college students love free food. This is the closest thing to free food: no credit card required, just the student ID that is already loaded with meal points. Everyone was whispering, “they take meal points!” in line, recruiting even more people to join them.

The food truck was here from 11 am to 1 pm. I got to the DUC Courtyard, located right outside the main dining place for lunch, at around 11:20 am, hoping to avoid the crowds (class on Tuesday mornings usually end at 11:30 am for students, and since I did not have a morning class, I rushed over early). Yet, by the time I got there, there was already a mini line. The wait was around 30 minutes to get my food. By the time I left, I noticed that the line has increased almost 4 times its original size. I’m not sure if those people in the back of the line got their food…

Yet, this means that the event was a HUGE success! People were snapping about it, talking about it, and texting their friends about it! Everyone was talking about how amazing it is to have (almost) free cheese steaks on campus!

I hope that Food Truck Tuesdays will officially become a thing. This is a great way to begin the week after moody Monday!


~ Nancy 🙂