Familiarity in an Unfamiliar City

Hi everyone!

I just returned from a fun trip to Las Vegas! The most unexpected thing happened there: I met up with a Wash U friend of mine, David, without planning at all. This shows that even though the world is gigantic, the “Wash U Bubble” is always home sweet home.

David and I have been friends for three years now (I met him my sophomore year). I interviewed him about his study abroad experience in Spain earlier this year. We both discovered that we will both be going to Las Vegas for Spring Break right before the trip, and planned to meet up and hangout there for a couple days! We went to awesome dinner places, tanned by the poolside, went on a the High Roller, and, most importantly, created fun memories together.

Picture taken from the High Roller (aka the world’s tallest observation wheel)

Amazing night view of the city!

Even though we were all in a new city with great landmarks, food, and touristy things to do, the familiarity of Wash U faces made the city much more welcoming. Whenever someone would ask us where we are visiting from, we would simultaneously answer, “Wash U in St. Louis!”

My favorite thing from this entire trip is recognizing how amazing it is to have these connections with wonderful friends from Wash U. Although David is graduating this year and moving to Chicago to work, I know that there will be many Wash U alumni in that area to keep him company. To me, having these connections with other Wash U people, even if they are complete strangers, is a bond that is worth more than anything.

Two amazing Wash U students outside of The Venetian (isn’t it beautiful?)!

This break, I learned this feeling firsthand! It is *so* great to explore the city knowing that there are others out there who are Wash U students like myself.

Until next time,

~ Nancy <3