Let it Snow (Ice Cream)

Hey all! The weather is warming up here, so I thought I’d do a small vignette about one of my new favorite ice cream places!

It used to be that if I wanted to get ice cream on the Loop, my main choices were FroYo and Ben&Jerry’s. Not very exciting and not worth the trip, so back when I still lived on the Forty, I’d just go to Paws ’N Go and buy a small container there. But last fall, a new ice cream shop opened up that led to my newest addiction: Snow Factory’s Thai ice cream.

Snow Factory took over Cheeseology’s old location and revamped it into a clean, modern aesthetic. I had heard the name earlier last year waited in eager anticipation for opening day. For those who haven’t experienced the wonders of Thai ice cream, it’s essentially made from scratch right in front of you. On a freezing cold tray, they pour cream, fruit, chocolate, or other ingredients and chop it all together while smearing it across the tray until it blends together to form ice cream. They then spread it flat to freeze again and scrape the layer so that it forms thick rolls of ice cream, almost like a mini ice cream rug. They can use almost any ingredient they want: cheesecake, lychee, matcha, oreos. The list goes on.

Cheesecake, popping boba, and strawberries over one of the many chocolate flavors

At Snow Factory, they have the ice cream making stations set up behind glass panels so you can watch your order being made right in front of you. I do have to admit this area clogs up easily: so many people take videos for snapchat and instagram because it’s just so satisfying to watch. After your ice cream is frozen and rolled up, you also get your choice of three toppings, and the variety of toppings is as endless as the ingredients. One of my favorite toppings is popping boba, which, unlike normal boba, is filled with sweet liquid and pops in your mouth as the name implies.

They also serve ice cream in egg waffles, which I personally think are even prettier than the cups of rolled ice cream. I alternate between normal Thai ice cream and the egg waffles whenever I go.

Now, is this “Thai ice cream” actually Thai? I’ll have to do some research into it, because I thought I’ve seen videos where they make these as Thai street food, but my friend who’s a Thai international student said he has never seen it before. Either way, it’s still delicious.