Development and Fundraising Internship

Hi everyone!

For the past few months, I have been interning at a local non-profit organization, Angel Band Project. Angel Band Project is a national, non-profit organization based in St. Louis, Missouri. Its mission is to break the silence surrounding sexual and intimate partner violence and to provide healing for survivors through the power of music.

My office is right on The Loop, which is only a 15-minute walk from campus. It has truly been a rewarding experience to intern here for both the fall and spring semesters!

To find out more about Angel Band Project, check out its website here: http://angelbandproject.org/

I first heard about the internship position on the Wash U Career Center website for job postings, CareerLink. The CareerLink platform allows me to fill out a profile, upload documents (pictures, resumes, and cover letters), and directly contact the company. Through CareerLink, I applied for the positions, and within a week, I heard back from the Executive Director of Angel Band Project asking for an in-person interview! And soon enough, I got an offer from her asking me to be a part-time intern during the school year!

I found a whole list of jobs under “Jobs Posted by WU Career Centers.” It also lets me filter by major, time of posting, location, etc.

Right now, I mainly work on email marketing and social media outreach (including press releases and social media blasts). My proudest moment during my internship experience so far happened back in November, when I helped organize auction logistics for the annual fundraiser, Soiree with the Angels, which raised over $57,000!

here is a picture of the flyer for the Soiree that I helped plan!

…and here’s a pic that I took of the actual event

Founded in 2009, Angel Band Project began after the tragic rape and murder of St. Louis native, Teresa Butz. It recently released its third benefit album, Songs of Survival. The album is a continuation of the Angel Band Project goals of uniting its audience, raising awareness, and sponsoring music therapy programs. Songs of Survival consists of original songs that were written and performed by one of six survivors of sexual or intimate partner violence. For six weeks, these women met individually with music therapist, Courtney Arndt, to share their stories and write lyrics that speak of their journeys. Through Songs of Survival, Angel Band Project hopes to empower other survivors and show them that they are not alone, they can speak up and be supported along the way, and that healing is possible.

third benefit album cover pic

Currently, Angel Band Project will be sponsoring a new local exhibit, Aria Rising, to promote discussion and raise awareness on the issue of sexual violence. This sculpture will travel to different high schools, colleges, and businesses around St. Louis. Inspired by the work of Angel Band Project, the Divinemoira Studio design team created the Aria Rising sculpture. Divinemoira Studio aims to utilize the unique power of the arts to better the communities. With this sculpture, it achieves its mission of art, inspiration, and hope.

Aria Rising

Aria Rising began as a broken mannequin and a pile of recycled materials, but later became an interactive sculpture made from entirely recycled supplies, inspired by the survivors of sexual assault who are often left by their attackers as shattered individuals. The sculpture consists of a white gown created from recycled pill bottles and yogurt containers swept up from the floor. There are expansive silver wings made from steel blinds that catches the viewer’s eyes. Within the vessels in the gown, there are bits of silver paper inscribed with messages of hope, understanding, and compassion to survivors of sexual assault. Ultimately, this sculpture symbolizes the strength and fortitude that carries on despite the assault.

For this upcoming semester, Angel Band Project is expanding its programs in Seattle, Washington. It is also in the progress of expanding to New York. With these new programs, Angel Band Project aspires to continue promoting healing, raising awareness, and creating positive social change for survivors.

This upcoming weekend, there will also be a fun event, “An Intimate Evening with The Occasionals.” This is a festive party with music, food, and drinks at Joe’s Café here in St. Louis with performance by a local band. The money raised will go toward music therapy programs that support survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence. I will be there to take pictures for social media (and to listen to some awesome music)!

The Occasionals!

More updates on the event soon!

Until then,

~ Nancy <3