21st Birthday Dinner

Hi everyone!

What better way is there to celebrate a birthday than going to Ibby’s? That’s right, I spent my birthday at my favorite place on campus: IBBY’s. And, I got the bananas foster while being surrounded by 18 friends. We had to split the table into two, but everyone was able to get their food and eat dessert. 🙂

It is so unreal thinking that I am already 21. Funny thing is, I actually spent my 20th birthday last year at Ibby’s, too! Last night, as I sat in the exact table and exact spot while feeling so thankful of my awesome friends, I was reminded of the same moment from my last birthday dinner. A year has passed, and so much as changed—I’ve taken another two semesters worth of college courses, moved from the Village to University Drive, finished a summer internship and fall internship, and made a bunch of new friends who came to celebrate the special day with me.

In fact, I even prepared a little speech ahead of time to read out loud at the end of dinner:

“Hey everyone! Thank you so much for coming tonight. I am about to make a super cheesy speech, but I promise you that it’s short! Tonight, I am surrounded by such a diverse, yet amazing, group of individuals. I am still shocked that we are all friends. We are smart, beautiful, sarcastic, mean (sometimes), driven, awkward, and even immature (at times). Yet, I would not be who I am today without all of you. Thank you for “putting up” with me, and thank you for being my friends. Here’s to the friendship friends!”

I was SO nervous while making my speech and even had to grab on to my friend’s hand so that I didn’t burst out laughing, haha. One of my friends also recorded me and put that as her Snapchat story (and when I watched it later, I realized how much better I sounded than what I imaged in my head).

We all ended up being the last ones to leave Ibby’s, right before it closed. The dinner party did not begin until 8:30 pm. I actually had to call to make the reservation in the first place, since the online reservation website only allows for parties up to 10 people (and 20 is a lot…). I was surprised by how enthusiastic everyone was! And, of course, even though I said that I will absolutely not accept any gifts, I still had three friends bring me presents. 😛

Lastly, what post is complete without pictures? Here are some pictures from last night! I took so many pictures that I ended up having to transfer 55 pictures to my laptop. Oops!

group picture with some of the girls who dressed up

look at the amazing lighting!

we tried to take this picture at least 20 times, haha

a selfie with the most delicious steak I’ve ever had!


Until next time,
Nancy <3