Rock Climbing & Food Journeys

Hi everyone!

The awesome thing about reading week at the end of the semester is the extra days off from class. While this time is supposed to be used for studying, it is also perfect for procrastinators like me who want to explore St. Louis before final exams.

Last semester, I spent my reading week visiting some places around the city that I have never been to beforehand. One of these places is a indoor rock climbing place called “Climb So iLL.” Even though I am definitely not an athletic person (nor am I a rock climber at all…), I still enjoyed the colorful wall surrounding me and how excited everyone was to be there! I ended up having to rest my hands because I had blisters on both of my palms, but the experience was worth it.

And of course, I cannot forget about the food journeys that I went on during this week of free time. An important skill that I have learned over these past few years of being a foodie is to keep the “old” places while still finding “new” places. Some of the oldies that I went to included Lulu’s on Olive, Fitz’s on the Loop, and the new Snow Factory (Thai ice-cream place) on the Loop.

I also visited a new restaurant that just opened a few days before I went to it—Shawarma King. It is a Middle Eastern restaurant similar to Ranoush, and it has my absolute favorite dish: stuffed grape leaves. I’ll add Shawarma King to one of my go-to lunch places for this semester!

For this semester, my goal is to find even more new places to explore and keep the good oldies as well. Maybe I can even go rock climbing again, who knows?

Nancy <3