My Old and New This Week (Ft. Bissinger’s Handcrafted Chocolatier)

Hi everyone!

One goal I will try to set for myself this semester is to explore at least one new place each month and also go to an old, favorite place again. This past week, I went to two very special places that made me feel at home and happy. This was a great way to start off a brand new semester (with yummy food).

My new:

Bissinger’s. 11/10 would recommend.

This is perhaps one of the cutest places that I’ve been to! Bissinger’s is a dessert place located off-campus in Central West End. I went there for dessert after dinner a couple days ago, and fell in love with the menu. There are so many options—from fruit, to coffee, to chocolate truffles—it’s got it all. Not only is the display adorable, but also the delicious, sugary, nom noms. I also liked the environment and comfy feeling of the place. Right as I walked in, I smelled the warmness of hot chocolate and coffee (mixed with fruitiness). There are also comfy tables with a stone fireplace area. I can definitely imagine myself doing homework here! I ordered this cute mug cake thingy (see pic below) that was apparently the “most popular” item on the menu.

My old:

IBBY’S. I feel like at this point I go to Ibby’s more than I do for other food places around campus. Truth is, I can’t help it, the food just keeps screaming, “COME BACK TO ME” to me. In fact, I went here during the first week of school on a Thursday for lunch (did you know that it is not open on Monday’s?). One great thing about Ibby’s that keeps me coming back, other than the bananas foster, is that the menu never gets old. Once again, Ibby’s has changed its menu and added more options. So of course, I had to go! In fact, I am thinking about having my birthday dinner at Ibby’s next week. I called them earlier today to see if I can have more than 10 people at a table for my birthday dinner. Online, the maximum is 10, and in reality, the maximum is 12. However, I mentioned how often I go there and how much I loved the food, and the lady said she could squeeze in 16 people at the table. Stay tuned for a follow-up post on this! 🙂

Pic of lunch below!


~ Nancy <3