How to Survive Finals Week

Hey everyone!

Guess what time of the semester it is? It’s time for final exams! This means that Olin Library is twice as packed as usual, everyone looks twice as tired, and somehow our sleep hours shorten to only 2 hours a night. Here are five quick tips on how to conquer this week like a champ:

1) Do not rely on coffee (or sugar) for energy. If you ever feel thirsty, go drink some water. Also, drink water whenever you take a study break! The worst thing is to feel dehydrated when you least expect it. One tip is to ask for hot water (it’s free) instead of tea or coffee. It serves the purpose of waking you up/keeping you warm, and it does not cost any meal points.

2) Whenever you get a spot in Olin, keep your jacket over the chair and your books on the table. This way, you have marked your territory and other students will not take your spot! The worst thing is waiting 20 minutes for an open spot and losing it right afterwards.

3) Take advantage of all the free food opportunities out there. Everyone is out of meal points, and people know that! During reading week and finals week, there are always fun events out there that give out free food to students. Last night, I went to Moonlight Breakfast at the Village, which gave out free food at 10 pm to all Wash U students with an ID. Not only were there free omelettes, but also a variety of fruits, cupcakes, dessert treats, and even free t-shirts. ^.^

4) Study alone in your room, but also study with friends. For some classes (such as language classes), it might make more sense to study by yourself so you can learn the vocab. In other classes (such as more application-based classes), it can be so much more productive to study with a buddy and go over certain confusing terms. If you want to study in a quiet spot, go to the Law Library. If you prefer some background noise, the DUC is the best spot.

5) Do not keep refreshing your semester GPA on WebStac. I know that as college students, we worry about grades. Some classes finish earlier than other classes, but professors are all busy grading coursework for other classes to update your grades 3 seconds after you finish the last assignment! Wait until the grades are officially out to check your GPA. 😛


Good luck with the last week/few days of the semester!
~ Nancy <3