Washington University…IN ST. LOUIS

Confession time: I picked WashU for the school itself, not so much the location. In fact, if I could have picked up WashU and plunked it down smack-dab in the middle of a classic back-east college town, I probably would have. The thing is, living in St. Louis has ultimately been one of the best parts about being a WashU student.

Keep in mind, this is coming from a native San Diegan, whose friends back home have trouble picking out Missouri on a map. These days, however, anyone who asks me, “how is college going?” is made audience to a brief, but enthusiastic dissertation regarding St. Louis that is nothing short of glowing. They hear about the beautiful fall, the jogging trails and free museums of Forest Park, the brick buildings, and the plethora of cozy coffee shops. They hear about my job at the preschool where I’ve formed relationships with students, teachers, and families, the midnight adventures to John’s Donuts and Ted Drewes, and the Metro that has taken my friends and I everywhere from Target for stocking up on toothpaste to Busch Stadium for Cardinals games.

Most of all, they hear about the people. Midwestern kindness is so much more than a stereotype, and I’ve felt welcomed into this city’s community with open arms. If there’s one thing I can tell you about the citizens of St. Louis, it’s that they love their city. Feeling connected to that is a wonderful thing, and it’s something that I’ll take with me long after my four years at WashU are done.