New Study Spot: Law Library

Hey everyone!

Have you ever been inside the law library yet? If not, it is the place to be when you need to actually concentrate and finish an assignment.

Honest confession time: I discovered the law library by accident. It was a rainy day and I forgot my umbrella. At that time, the closest building to me was Anheuser-Busch Hall, the building in which the law library is located. I remember running inside and first noticing the beautiful law café. Then, after hearing a couple law students talking about being productive and studying “upstairs,” I decided to explore it myself.

After going upstairs, I found my current favorite spot.


look at the beautiful lamps and windows! :O

My personal favorite thing about the library is the dead silence. Even my footsteps sound loud inside because it is *so* quiet. In fact, one of the things that students know about the library is that the “clicking” of keyboards is one of the loudest, most annoying sounds in the room.

In fact, I feel guilty opening the door to walk in the room. Every time I enter, I see heads turn to look over at the door! This shows the quietness of the study space.

I sneakily took this video in the library to convince my friends to join me here. They all know that this is my current “study spot.” In fact, one of my friends caught me taking this video and made fun of me, haha. Just look at how beautiful this place is!

In addition, it is so easy to be productive here! Why? It is because everyone around you is studying. Unlike Olin Library, the law library is not a place to socialize and goof off with friends.

While this sounds quite boring, it is exactly what every student needs for a distraction-free, productive study/homework session.

In my own experience, I can finish 3 hours of homework in only 1 hour if I make a trip to the law library. Plus, looking around and seeing all the cool law students reading gigantic books will definitely inspire you to work harder!

So, my advice for everyone who have yet explored campus is to find your very own study spot! I know mine from a while ago are the music and East Asian libraries. However, I’d definitely include the law library to that list today!


~ Nancy <3