Always make time for bananas

Hi everyone!

If I had to describe myself as a foodie in two words, I would pick colorful and bananas. I am still trying to figure out which one describes me better. Is “colorfulananas” a word? 😛

Anyways, I decided to do some food exploring this past week around campus and St. Louis. As someone with an apartment meal plan, I have a kitchen that is super helpful for cooking lunch and dinner throughout the week. In fact, I actually had extra meal points for a couple of weeks throughout this semester because I cooked *so* much. So, I decided to go to Ibby’s a couple days ago and explore a new place, Gamlin Whiskey House, for brunch this past weekend!

I went to Ibby’s for dinner and ordered a lovely dish that I have never had before. If I remember correctly, it is pork chops with sweet potatoes (but it is not on the menu because it was the dish of the day!).

ahh, so many colors! :D

ahh, so many colors! 😀

Although dinner was amazing and colorful, dessert was even better. This is my favorite part. I absolutely LOVE the bananas foster. You might have seen me post pictures of bananas foster in my earlier posts because I almost always get this when I go to Ibby’s. I recently learned that we can change the ice-cream flavor. Bananas foster usually comes with vanilla as its ice-cream flavor, but there are many other options like butter pecan, chocolate, pumpkin, salted caramel, etc. And…I went with salted caramel! Below is a lovely picture of this colorful, yummy, banana/ice-cream treat.


If you are still not convinced that this is the best thing ever, I’d recommend going to Ibby’s for lunch or dinner to order this dessert for fun!

The second place that I went to was Gamlin Whiskey House, located in Central West End (off-campus). This was a great opportunity for me to not only try out a new restaurant, but also to step foot off-campus to explore St. Louis a bit more. When I first entered the restaurant, I was shocked by how beautiful the decorations were! There are traditional mason jars for water, many handmade white oak menu boxes, and beautiful photographs on the walls. My favorite part, of course, was actually eating the brunch! I ordered this French Toast with bananas foster (and also hash browns on the side). Brunch tasted *so* good. This was one of those times that I wished my stomach was emptier to that I could eat more, haha. 😛 Here is a picture of my food!

also, look at how colorful the meal is!

also, look at how colorful the meal is!

Now that I have eaten a fair share of colorful food and bananas (as well as snapped pictures of my food), I can still call myself a foodie. Maybe this time I’ll add “colorfulananas” as part of my foodie name!

~ Nancy <3