I Can’t Bey-Lieve It

One of my favorite things about living in St. Louis is that it’s a city large enough to attract big name entertainers.

Flashback to June 21, 2016

I received a Venmo payment request for “Queen B.” I knew this could only mean one thing — Beyoncé added Formation tour dates to include a stop at St. Louis. I was actually studying abroad in Italy at the time (stayed tuned for blog posts about that!), so a friend of mine had the foresight to buy me a ticket before I had heard about the new show. You could only imagine how excited I was; this would prove to be the most entertaining event held at The Dome since even before the Rams football team left for Los Angeles last year.

Flashback to September 10, 2016

Getting there was an absolute breeze, thanks to the prepaid Metro Pass that Washington University offers to all students every semester. We hopped on the MetroLink at the University City-Big Bend station, which is about a 10 minute walk from the South 40, and arrived downtown early enough to get a quick dinner at Porano Pasta (a customizable pasta bowl restaurant) before the show.

We found our seats in the nosebleeds, and patiently awaited for our lives to change. Vic Mensa opened, but it appeared the audience was more excited by the Lemonade commercials that played after his set than by the rapper himself.

Then … from approximately 9:30 p.m. to 12:00 a.m I was transformed over the course of a setlist of 30+ songs that have defined a generation. It’s quite literally impossible for me to adequately put the experience into words. So, the rest of this blog post will simply be a collage of the way too many photos my friends and I took during the concert.

I ain’t sorry.