Applying Early Decision

When humans make decisions, we can’t go back in time and test the alternative options. This concept is liberating. Even if I could see what would happen if I chose a different early decision school, I honestly wouldn’t. Wash U was the right early decision school for me.
I am a firm believer that someone’s environment impacts his or her growth. Wash U has shaped not only my academic life, but also my set of values. It has certain qualities that simply do not exist at other universities.

1. Academic freedom

As an incoming freshman, I had a plethora of academic interests. From art classes to political science lectures, I wanted to try everything. Many schools on my list had a rigid set of required classes. Wash U, on the other hand, offered me the chance to explore. Every semester, I have been able to take at least one class that is completely unrelated to my major. The Wash U curriculum emphasizes the importance of a well-rounded education.

2. Diversity

This word is thrown around a lot in the college process. Colleges and universities like to claim that they have it, or that they prioritize it. Wash U does not claim anything in terms of diversity, but rather, it truly exists. My peer group is a blend of curiously distinct individuals, and I learn through this varied medium. Students at Wash U not only accept the diversity of their classmates, but they celebrate it. The availability of different perspectives is something I do not take for granted.

3. Resources

I am particularly thankful for the Career Center and Cornerstone. Career advisors are invested in the students’ futures. Their guidance helped me procure competitive jobs and form connections with professionals in my field. Cornerstone tutors have alleviated my nerves during times of academic stress, making sure I felt confident and prepared. These resources were pivotal in my academic success as a college student.

Although I only touched on three of the many exceptional qualities of Wash U, I believe they encompass my pride for my soon to be Alma mater. If I can leave my readers with any final thought, it is that your gut matters in the process of choosing to apply early decision. From the moment I stepped through the Brookings archway, I knew Wash U was my home. And the rest, they say, is history…