Study Spots

When at Wash U, or any university for that matter, you may be inclined to do some studying. Whether you are working hard or hardly working, it is essential to know the prime spots around campus to hit the books or at least pretend to. So grab your notebook, a pen, a can of red bull, and get ready to take some notes as we journey around Wash U.

First and foremost, you can’t go wrong with your own dorm room. It has everything you need: a desk, snacks, your comfy bed to rest your mind during study breaks, and most importantly, unbeatable convenience. You can literally wakeup; open up that textbook you fell asleep on the night before, and boom you’re studying. Congratulations.

Another excellent spot is any old classroom. Head into an aesthetically pleasing Wash U building, could be Eads, Seigle, the Music Building, whatever floats your study boat. Once inside the building, you gain access to all sorts of empty classrooms that are equipped with the most modern and pristine of academic technologies. Pretend to be the professor, standing proud in the front of the room, and give a lecture to yourself.

Next we have a personal favorite of mine, Holmes Lounge. Most people know Holmes Lounge for its fresh carvery. However, Holmes Lounge not only functions as a premiere dining destination for Wash U students, but also as a productive and beautiful working environment. Usually, I enter, grab myself a tasty sandwich or wrap at the café, take an open table, throw my headphones on, and simultaneously bite into that piece of happiness while opening up my notes from the last lecture. Two birds, one place, Holmes Lounge.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you want to get out of your room but don’t necessarily want to walk all the way to a classroom or Holmes because hey, that is time you could be studying, then try a study room.  So when your roommate 3lau is dropping the funky bass too loud for you to even begin to consider focusing on school, you can passive aggressively leave and enter the peacefulness of a study room, conveniently located on every floor of each dorm. The real kicker for the study rooms is that they have motion activated lights. For most people studying is sedentary activity, thus, as a result, you never have to worry about falling asleep. You constantly have to keep the blood pumping to get out of your chair and do the wave to turn the lights back on.