St. Louis Spotlight: The Muny

I love theater. This fact is very clear if you’ve ever had a conversation with me. I’ve taken every opportunity I could when I was growing up to see professional shows, local shows, and everything in between. I was pleasantly surprised that while spending the summer in St. Louis, I would get my theater fix when I learned about the Muny.

The Muny is this amazing place—basically Disneyland for someone like me. It is an outdoor theater that’s basically a big concert venue for musicals. It’s actually the largest outdoor theater in the world, and it seats about 11,000 people for each performance. I was completely blown away the first time I went in—I didn’t even know something this large existed, let alone in Forest Park—just across the street from campus.

And then I learned about the seven musicals they do every summer. Every week, a new show is performed. Again, a dream come true for me. This summer, I saw The Wizard of Oz, 42nd Street, The Music Man, and Mamma Mia. Some of the best and coolest musicals being performed incredibly close to my house! And the best of all? They give away 1500 free seats for every single performance. So, you can go see professional theater for free. There’s really nothing better.

My favorite experience at the Muny was when my roommate, Sarah, and I went out to dinner before the show on the Hill. We went to Zia’s (a really great restaurant) with our friend, Maricka, who was visiting us for the weekend. Maricka decided she wanted to join us for the show (we were seeing The Music Man). At the spur of the moment, we decided we want to eat Ted Drewe’s (a St. Louis staple) during the performance. So, we quickly got ourselves some amazing custard, drove to the Muny, and sat down for the performance. It was absolutely amazing. The set pieces were so intricate and beautiful (and it rotated all around the stage). I sang along to the songs throughout the performance. We fanned ourselves with our programs (because of the extreme St. Louis heat).  We had so much fun, and I couldn’t wait to go back and see Mamma Mia (the show we wanted to see next).

Although the Muny shows have concluded for the summer, feel free to go on their website and fill out their survey for new shows for next summer and get excited for many more great performances!

Check out muny.org for more information.