There are few things better than lying down in your own bed at the end of a long day of school, day of studying, exploring St. Louis, or just a day of being awake. Unfortunately the sleeps often hit me before I can make it back to my room or I just want to catch a few minutes of rest before going back to work. Therefore, I have become accustomed to grabbing some shut-eye on campus. Not all on campus sleeping spots are created equal though. This article may be especially helpful for one of my fellow interns – *cough* Steve *cough* – who always seems to be just about to fall asleep. If you’re ever in a pinch on campus and need a place to catch some zzz’s these are the places for you.


The Formal Lounge in the Danforth University Center (DUC):

The formal lounge is never really used for much and is dead silent 100% of the time. There are 4 very comfortable couches, a fireplace, and piano in there as well.



The basement of Cupples II:

Cupples two has a number of amenities, including a nice bathroom and our deans of the day. My personal favorite, however, is the little area with vending machines and couches that are perfect to sleep on.



B Stacks of Olin Library:

The B Stacks are the bottom floor of our biggest library on campus. Dead silent down there, it’s a perfect place to push the chairs together for a *quick* power nap.



My Desk: