Farewell! (kinda……jk not really)

Hey everyone!

The summer is nearly over and I’ve so enjoyed sharing my student/intern experience through the interwebs with you all, and I hope you’ve equally enjoyed reading it all . I think the thing I’ve enjoyed most about being an intern in Admissions this summer has been sharing my school and my experience with prospective students in hopes that they might be inspired to come to WashU and begin to love it here like I do. There truly is so much here to see, learn, and experience; I know I’m not even close to completing my WashU/St. Louis bucket list, but I’m so excited to keep plugging away at it for the next three years. I have a lot on deck for this upcoming year that I’m so excited for and I definitely want to continue sharing my experiences as they happen, which is why I’ve decided to stay on with the 360 blog for the upcoming year.

So get ready for more adventure stories, pro-tips, WashU/St. Louis highlights and more. This year will be a great one, I just know it!