A Snippet of Bear Beginnings

Washington University in St Louis offers a wonderful opportunity to rising first-year students called Pre-Orientation, with specific themes geared towards the student’s interest. This year, half of the incoming class did a Pre-O. That’s a large increase compared to past years, and WashU is working to increase this percentage even more. Having been on campus this entire summer as an intern, I was glad to see life flowing through the campus. While Pre-Orientation students have been here for a bit, today was an even better day!

thumbnail_IMG_6945 Its beautiful outside

Why? We’re welcoming the other half of the first-year students into our family. WUSAs (Washington University Student Associates) RAs, RCDs, and even Faculty Fellows helped move the new students to their rooms! (If you’d like to learn more about WUSAs, Sandy, one of our other interns, wrote a great blog post about being a WUSA).

Today was the start of Bear Beginnings, the signature orientation program for new students. During Move In, tents were set up in order to connect new students to faculty, administration, and current students. The entire pathway from the residential area, South 40, to the main campus was filled with tents of organizations on campus welcoming new students. The tents promoted social and cultural opportunities offered on our campus, along with resources that are offered in the St. Louis community. For instance, EST, our Emergency Support Team, was there. I also saw an Alum tent welcoming the new group of students into the fold. I had the opportunity to work in the Undergraduate Admissions tent for a bit (we had Italian Ice out on this warm day), and I was in love with the energy on South 40!

thumbnail_IMG_6957Bear Beginnings Admissions Tent

Welcome Class of 2020. We can’t wait for you to join the WashU family, too!