A Day in the Life

I am a person that loves routine during the week. The routine I keep helps me stay on track academically but also prioritizes self-care. It all starts for me with registering for classes (shameless plug, my friend just did the registration video!  Go check it out!!). I have never had a class start before 10AM. I have gotten into the habit of clearing the 11:30-1:00 block in my schedule. I also try to end classes by 5:30 at the latest. This has been the setup of my schedule since freshman year and has worked well for me.

Since my classes start at 10AM, I usually wake up at 8AM which is not as early as it sounds. This time is mostly spent making the decision to leave my bed. After I decide to get out of bed, I get ready and eat breakfast. I am serious about eating three meals a day because it helps me function better. My breakfast of choice this year was the blueberry, orange overnight oatmeal from Cherry Tree. If I wanted to switch it up I would get an egg sandwich with PEPPER JACK from the grill in BD. I then walk to my first class and check the time on the Clocktower to make sure I am on schedule.



I am known for being really early to everything. This means I end up arriving 20 minutes early to class. Most of my classes are in Bauer and Knight Hall. In these buildings, there are red chairs. The chairs are in sets of four. I will pick a set and sit down and do anything I have time to do. I use this time to check my email, finish reading a case for class, or complete a problem set. While I am sitting doing work or reading a case, different people will talk to me. It could be a career advisor, a fellow classmate, or a friend. I love that a lot of my stronger relationships have started or been built with such little effort on my part.

After class, I head to the DUC for lunch. The 1853 diner has sweet potato fries and roasted cauliflower. I usually get either of those with a turkey burger and I head up to the 3rd floor. It is a hidden treasure, so this is just between me and you. On the 3rd floor is the media center. It has couches, booths, a long meeting table, chalkboard walls, and a small kitchen space. It is also much quieter than the first floor of the DUC. I will either meet my friends up there or have a quiet space to eat and check my email or catch up on a TV show.



After lunch, I head back to the red chairs for more random conversations before my last classes of the day. I like to eat dinner right after I get out of my last class. My favorite station in Bear’s Den is  World Fusion. After dinner, I return to my room to do any homework and catch up with my suitemates. My lights are out by 11PM, so I can get my beauty rest. I will wake up refreshed in the morning ready for another day.