10 Reasons Why You Should Register for Dance Marathon

Dance Marathon is a 12 hour event supporting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. You dance for 12 hours and raise money for the kids. Best day ever, right? If you know me at all, I’m sure you’ve heard me say, “Register for Dance Marathon!” or have texted you “dm.wustl.edu!” If you responded with, “Ok!” or actually clicked the link and signed up, you’re definitely on my good side. But, if you ignored me or said you would do it later (but never really did), here are ten reasons why Dance Marathon is the absolute best:

  1. Free Food. Literally there is more food there than you can even imagine. In the past, I’ve eaten sandwiches, salads, bagels, Chinese food, pancakes, pizza, cookies, and more just during the 12 hour event. Even if you don’t care about the actual event (which you definitely should), you should definitely care about the pounds and pounds of free food you can accumulate just by showing up.
  2. THE KIDS! I don’t know about you, but I love kids. And the kids we are supporting and raising money for actually come to the event and dance with us! You can play freeze dance with Walker or hear Peyton tell her story. You even get a chance to write cards for the kids and hang out with them in the family room and play games!
  3. Beyoncé Hour. Enough said. An entire hour of only Beyoncé songs? Who wouldn’t come to that?
  4. Performances. Every year we have tons of acapella, dance groups, and other student groups come to our event and perform! You get Zumba lessons (also for free), and you can listen to really amazing singing. Support your friends who are performing!
  5. You get to dance for charity! Literally you get to spend your Saturday dancing to really great music with all of your friends. Nobody cares if you can’t dance because everyone looks just as ridiculous and is having an amazing time.
  6. It’s a great workout. Dancing is an amazing workout! So come to DM and skip your time at the AC for the day. I walked over 12 miles last year during the event.
  7. The charity aspect. Every single dollar we raise goes directly back to SSM Cardinal Glennon and St. Louis Children’s. This money is used in whatever way is best or needed by the hospitals and helps kids like the ones we have dancing with us live amazing, full lives.
  8. You don’t have to stay the whole time. Every time I tell someone to sign up, they say, “Oh! I can’t commit 12 hours, so I can’t sign up.” Even though staying for the entire 12 hours (on your feet, dancing) is super rewarding and a ton of fun, coming for even just an hour or two is totally okay! Every person who attends helps us raise more money for the kids, so literally every little thing helps. Not being able to stay the whole time is NOT a good excuse not to register!
  9. Costumes. Every hour has a theme, and we encourage people to dress for each theme—so bring your costumes out. Look ridiculous, take tons of pictures, and have so much fun!
  10. The Community. Every single person at the event has a smile on their face. You’ll make tons of new friends in the hours you spend dancing together. You can register as a team (so different student groups or sororities or fraternities can make teams together), which makes it even more fun!

So join me this year on November 12th FTK (for the kids) always!

Register here: dm.wustl.edu


DM 2015 with my friend, Stacy!


DM 2014 with Katie and Stacy!