Open Letter to my Freshman Floor

Dear Danforth 3,

I’m so thankful for you.

I met my seven best friends on my freshman floor. Our differences are so extremely apparent from the moment you meet us, but we are closer than anyone can imagine .To Lia (dolla dolla bill), Stacy (Staceface), Stephanie (Step-on-me), Katie M. (Kmcrazy), Katie S. (Kshaps), Hayley (Hayher), and Molly (Wollie)—this is for you.

Through a whirlwind of orientation activities and random bouts of chance, I connected with every single one of them, and we all connected together. I had imagined a great freshman floor experience before coming to Wash U, but I never imagined that I would find my people, and they would live down the hall, always there to watch movies or eat snacks or study together.

These seven girls are still some of my best friends at Wash U and we’ve gone through our first two years together. These are the people I’ve counted on for everything. I know their favorite meals from Bear’s Den. I’ve laughed with them until my sides were aching and I couldn’t breathe. We’ve intensely watched Chopped together, fighting about who was going to win. As our lives and communities at Wash U grew, these seven people are always around. Even after joining countless different student groups and clubs and all making other amazing friends, we continue to stay close. I’m writing this because Stephanie, Katie M., and Lia are all going abroad fall of our junior year, and Stacy, Hayley, and I are going abroad in the spring. The eight of us won’t be together again for over an entire year. I already miss them all.

To Lia– My Dance Moms diva who taught herself Chloe’s dance and then showed it to me, ridiculously proud of herself. To Molly—Snapchat queen (keeper of every streak and artist extraordinaire). To Katie M.— Tater tot lover and enthusiast. To Hayley—The one who is a trivia superstar and tries to share that love with the world. To Stephanie—A real grown up–she actually owns and knows how to use an iron (amongst other things). To Katie S.—the one who has a love for 7:00 dinners and egg sandwiches and turkey burgers. To Stacy—my best friend in the universe. Every single person I’ve ever interacted with at Wash U knows her because Stacy and I are basically joined at the hip.

Thanks for sitting near me during our floor meetings. Thanks for our Bear’s Den dinners and our trips to the mall and Target. Thanks for always answering the door when I knocked, looking for a place to do homework or just hang out and eat snacks. Thanks for sharing treats from your care packages. Thanks for throwing me the best birthday I’ve ever had complete with a disco ball and homemade tshirts. Thanks for experiencing all of the firsts of freshman year by my side. From our first trip to the loop all together (to Salt and Smoke with many other people from our floor), to our first WILD (the concert series we have every semester—ours was Icona Pop), and from our picnic in Forest Park over Parent/Family Weekend to our countless Ibby’s (our on campus restaurant) dinners spending extra meal points, you have made my freshman year (and life) so much better than I could ever imagine.