Elliott Crosland, Who is He?

Hey! I’m Elliott Crosland, a Junior from Charleston South Carolina, studying Psychology and English. Here is some stuff about me!

Top 2’s


  1. League of WashU- Our campus’ largest videogaming club, focused on building a welcoming community and engaging events.
  2. Habitat for Humanity- Building houses, helping people, tackling social issues. What more could you want?


  1. Forx and Stix- By far the best food in Saint Louis. Authentic Thai with portions I can rarely finish.
  2. Vernon’s Barbecue- The only barbecue, the best barbecue. Sauces are insanely delicious and the sampler is anything and everything you could want that guarantees leftovers.

Things I consistently run into

  1. The daily struggle of maintaining relationships
  2. One of the posts between Graham Chapel and Umrath Hall

Saint Louis Stuff

  1. The zoo- Fun, free, and bursting with life from across the globe, there is nothing better than Dippin Dots and a penguin.
  2. Missouri Botanical Gardens- Who thought plants could be so fascinating? The gardens are absolutely stunning all year round and offer a mini vacation all over the world.


  1. Literary Theory- A fascinating area of study that has changed how I think about theory, criticism, and speculation rearding not only ‘literature’ but also in my  everyday interactions.
  2. Existentialism- Can the supposed pointlessness of the world resolve into meaning and resolution? Maybe, it certainly has for me.


  1. Nick Miller- A Post-doctorate fellow who has since been hired full time at another institution, Nick( he prefers students to call him by his first name) is a man who has changed how I thought of higher ed. His dedication to students as individuals, a 24/7 open door policy, and the passion with which his classes are taught has made me in many ways aspire to follow in his footsteps.
  2. Wolfram Schmidgen- The chair of the English department, Professor Schmidgen teaches a freshmen seminar called ‘Literature and Justice’. The class is small at 12 people and what struck me is that he treated me, a first semester freshman, with the respect he would a graduate student. I felt like he really listened to what we had to say in out roundtable discussions, something I have been fortunate to come to expect from all my professors.

Words said by fellow Summer Admissions Intern Sankalp Kapur

  1. Hella tight
  2. Flame

Places to study

  1. The corner of second floor of Olin Library that is closest to Eads Hall
  2. The second lower level of Olin near the nautical books


  1. The Trial– I read this for two classes at WashU, each of which changed my interpretation of the novel and how I view many of the hidden mechanisms that make our world work. It is a fantastic book that has so many take-aways and can be mulled over indefinitely.
  2. American Gods– What I think is Niel Gaimans’s finest work, this adventure novel is set in a world that has had its Gods transposed into the corporal as they roam around the new frontier space that is American belief.