20 Facts about Sandy

Hi everyone! My name is Sandy Chadalavada, and this summer I will be writing on behalf of admissions on the 360 blog! I’m a rising junior in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology with a minor in South Asian Language and Civilization. To top it all off I am also Pre-Med! But enough with all that, y’all want to really get to know me. In typical college student fashion, I’ve put together twenty facts that will hopefully give all you wonderful people a better idea of who I really am.

  1. I was born in India, but I moved to the United States only a few months later, and I’ve lived here ever since!
  2. I’m from Redmond, WA, a suburb of Seattle, and I love absolutely everything about it there (including the rain!)
  3. I’m a huge Seattle Seahawks fan and watching the victory parade after their February 2014 Super Bowl victory easily makes my list of coolest experiences
  4. I’m a sucker for Bollywood movies, and I never say no to movie nights
  5. Netflix consumes a large portion of my life, but I can’t handle more than one show at a time. Currently I’m working my way through The West Wing
  6. My favorite food is anything made by my mom, but I love going out to new restaurants and trying new things. Recently I visited an authentic German restaurant in Illinois and I really loved it!
  7. On campus my go-to food is definitely a Chicken Flatbread sandwich from Cherry Tree Cafe (on the South 40). You can see me enjoying one in the above image
  8. I also love cooking my own food, something I’ve picked up this summer that I hope I continue moving forward
  9. My favorite book is The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and I love reading whenever I have the time
  10. Currently I’m reading (or more specifically I’m listening to) SapiensA Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Harari, an illuminating description of how humanity developed
  11. I’m super good at Mario Kart: Double Dash for the GameCube and I never shy away from a challenge
  12. Music follows me everywhere I go, and I enjoy listening to many different genres, with Progressive Rock and Rap being two of my favorites. Two of my favorite albums are The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West
  13. I love free stuff, and one of my favorite free places to visit in St. Louis is the St. Louis Art Museum, conveniently located right across the street in Forest Park
  14. When I find myself with free time on campus you’ll generally find me in the Danforth University Center (DUC) sipping on some Tea and hanging out with friends
  15. During the school year I also spend a disproportionately large amount of time in Whispers Cafe, located in Olin Library, and I’m currently unsure what to do with myself as Whispers is undergoing a massive renovation project
  16. Those who know me quickly learn that I was formerly a Washington University Student Associate (WUSA), a volunteer with the First Year Center that works closely with first year students to help with the transition from High School life to College life. I gush about it so much because I love the program and all the great work it does in making the first year experience a positive one for everyone.
  17. Another one of my biggest involvements on campus is with Greek Life, and I can’t speak more highly of all of my fellow fraternity members and all of the great experiences I’ve had with them
  18. My number one passion is learning, and no matter the subject I am always curious to understand how things work and push the boundaries of knowledge
  19. If I could stay in school forever I would certainly consider it, but my goal is to pursue a medical degree and then work in the medical field splitting time between research and clinical duties
  20. I’m very interested in how the mind works, and my major program (Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology) combines research from several different disciplines to work on a solution to this complex problem. I love studying PNP and every class I take makes me happier and happier that I chose to pursue it

I’ll be posting on the blog along with my fantastic Summer Admissions Interns over the course of the summer so stay tuned for even more. I can’t wait to share my Wash U experience!