Hi! Bem Here…

Hey, it’s Bem! I grew up in a suburb in Columbus, or Cbus (Go Bucks!) but worked downtown in a science museum for my Upper School experience. During this time, I started to explore downtown and the hidden gems that made Columbus so unique. Especially the coffee spots! Now that I live in St. Louis, I want to do the same.


I’m ready to take you on this adventure with me during my first summer in St. Louis, but first…


10 Signs I was a First Year student at WashU.

Because we’re college students, but different in our own ways

1) Looking forward to Friday afternoons because… MOZZ STICKS

2) Late night treks from Olin to South40

3) Taking a photo of Brookings. In general, taking an ~aesthetic~ photo of WashU’s campus

4) Meeting Officer Blaine

5) Bonding with the WUSA/RA/Floor Residents/Student Advisor

6) Going to WUSTOCK on the Swamp

7) Brunch at BD and Village

8) Professors, students, and residental staff prepping for WILD

9) My first Holmes wrap

10) Getting lost and having someone say, “we have an app for that!” (wustl app).