Blog Post #1

Hello All

I am currently writing this blog with no more than 3 cups of coffee in my system (details are murky but they tend to be) and I am attempting to describe myself to you through the vast and empty abyss that is the internet. If you found this entry, congratulations. If you have not found it yet,                     . You are looking, I presume, for a glimpse into the life of a student at WashU. I am afraid I cannot furnish any such account. It is only my own time here which serves as a source for my opinions. Now I am having this entry reviewed by a friend because I am afraid already that I have lost your interest, or worse, I have ceased to provide any information of value.

If you are still here, you are clearly eager enough to learn about the school to sift through everything on the internet. Congratulations again – you chose wisely. Washington University has had an incredible impact on my life already. It is the place I learnt to love mathematics and pulled pork (often together) and found a family and community that forms the backbone of my life in a new and formerly unfamiliar place.

This summer, I have finally begun to understand St. Louis. It is friendly and easy to get to know. Very much like the quiet, interesting friend you have that never comes up to you and tells you a story, but needs nothing more than the slightest nudge to spill the best stories you’ve heard all week. I am learning now where to nudge St Louis, and realizing that my time with my cool new friend might soon run out – I am beginning to nudge excessively, but St Louis will make you do that.

Stay tuned to this blog for more of my impending romance with St Louis, as I (try) to explore all the food and incredible concerts and theatre that seems to just be everywhere in the summer. Also write back with places to visit and places to feast or just to let me know what you think of the city!