Allow me to Reintroduce Myself…

My name is Steve.

I am a rising sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences, undecided, but throwing in a fair amount of French/Econ courses. Currently, I am in interning in the admissions office for the summer. I am from the dirty jerz (New Jersey) and thus have been spoiled by great sandies (sandwiches), 24 hour diners, and bagels that aren’t just circles of bread.

I am an avid runner. I run on the varsity xc/track teams at Wash U, and thoroughly enjoy the journey of trying to get faster. This journey involves countless miles/time pounding the roads, thus I have a lot of pretty sweet running playlists on my pod and that brings me to my next interest…EDM (electronic dance music). When I was 15 years old I went to Electric Zoo (big EDM festival) in NYC and caught the EDM Bug. Essentially, I divide my life into two parts, before Ezoo, and after. Since then I have almost listened exclusively to¬†EDM. I started a club at my high school called “the rave crew,” which was actually just me and 3 close friends, and all we did was find concerts/festivals to go to then attend them, so not really a significant club. However, these experiences of journeying to the city and spending the night listening to my favorite DJs with my best friends truly defined how I remember high school.

Other than that, I enjoy skiing, windsurfing, and tossing a football with my friends. I am looking forward to blogging and am eager to see what the future of this summer may bring.