WUStock, Melting Pot, SoK, and Thurtene

Hey guys!

It’s finally April. These past few weeks, the weather on campus has been amazing. Yesterday afternoon, the temperature got up to around 80 degrees Fahrenheit! 🙂

My April so far has been full of extremely fun events. On April 2nd, I watched BøRNS perform at WUStock, which an annual concert put on by the Congress of the South 40. Everyone had so much fun (my ears were still ringing >30 minutes after the concert ended, haha).


This is the South 40 Swamp area (where the concert was!)


Just chilling with the Børns sign

Here’s a video clip that I took^

The Friday after WUStock, I went to the Melting Pot. Prior to my visit, I’ve heard incredible things about this restaurant from friends who have already been there. The nice thing is that it is super close to campus (on the Loop) and has really yummy food. The not-so-nice thing is how expensive it is! I spent around $80 dollars that night…BUT, here are some pictures to show you what I had. ☺

Yes, those are apples! They taste pretty good with cheese.

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Main meal

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Then, this past Friday, I went with some friends to go watch Spirit of Korea. This is an annual performance put on by a couple culture groups on campus. Not only is there free food and drinks, but also 15 different performances consisting of bands, dances, and traditional instrumental performances! My personal favorite was the Korean fan dance. Here are some videos of the performance:

Finally, this past Sunday, I went to the Thurtene Carnival! This, like WUStock and SoK, is also an annual event. Unlike last year, I decided to tryout a variety of foods (from hotdogs to slushies to ice cream) as well as observe the super scary-looking rides. If I was less scared, I would go on a couple of the rides. They actually looked really fun! But, watching from afar while eating ice-cream was also pretty exciting for me.

IMG_8957 IMG_8959



Happy April!

~Nancy <3

P.S.- got to go work on a project now. #preppingforfinals