Bubbles and Boxed Water

How wild was your WILD? :p

Last night, I went to my 4th WILD. The Social Programming Board brings in a famous artist once every semester for a huge concert, and this year SPB brought All American Rejects!

Funny story: I actually only know one song by All American Rejects, the famous one (and the encore of last night’s performance): “Gives You Hell.” Below are some video clips of the encore.


One of the highlights of last night for me was the bubbles in the air! 😀
In the midst of all the music and dancing, the bubble machines onstage started releasing bubbles out into the air. I managed to snap a pretty cool cover-photo worthy picture (see below)!


What made this year’s WILD very different is its perfect timing. These past few days has been super busy, so the Friday evening concert was something I looked forward too despite all the assignments due beforehand.

I went with my suite mate and a couple of friends, some of them seniors who have already been to 7 WILDs! The funniest thing is that these seniors are still learning about WILD even though they have been to many in the past. One of my friends (who is a senior) learned that there are actually two entrances, one hear Holmes Lounge and the other through Brookings!

What makes WILD special is that it is a unique Wash U tradition that dates back to 1973, back when students used to bring inflatable couches to the quad. Although students no longer do that, WILD itself has become a huge tradition because students and faculty would gather in the quad to listen to great live music.

I asked a senior friend what his favorite thing about WILD is, and he answered, “probably the atmosphere- I can see everyone enjoying themselves regardless of how stressed they were!” 😛

So, what is *my* favorite thing about WILD (other than music and free food)?
I’d probably say it is the BOXED WATER. Not only do they taste great (because when you drink it, you know you are being environmentally friendly), but they also look super cute (see pic below). These were being handed out to students near a sustainability booth, and I saw so many students jump in excitement after seeing boxed water (myself included).

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Stay tuned for a future post about my concert tonight!

~ Nancy ☺