A Conventional Day

Hey, everyone! Sorry about my lack of posts, this past month has been quite the sleep-deprived ride. Fortunately, I’ve still been writing in the meantime, so you’ll hear a lot from me in the next few weeks. 

But first, I thought I’d whip up a fun post about what I did last weekend. I went to St. Louis Comic Con! Conventions are one of my favorite ways of getting out of the WashU bubble, even if I end up spending too much money on art and plushies.

In case you don’t know what a convention is, they’re gatherings of fans of TV shows, video games, or just entertainment genres in general. There’s usually a vendors room and artist alley where people sell a variety of things as well as schedules of events. And, if the convention is big enough, they can bring in guest speakers.  

In the case of St. Louis Comic Con, thousands of fans showed up, and they had celebrity guests such as David Tennant and Billie Piper from Doctor Who and Charlie Cox and Elden Henson from Daredevil. Don’t be surprised by my calm tone: if I could write a blog post in all caps  about these people, I would definitely do so.

As it is, I hope my liberal use of exclamation points will successfully convey my geeking out. I was in the same room as Charlie Cox, Elden Henson, Matt Smith, William Shatner, David Tennant, and Billie Piper! I sat in the front rows of Cox and Hensen’s panel!! In one day, I met so many celebrities!!!

I spent an entire day at Comic Con, and it was worth every minute. When I wasn’t sitting in on panels, I walked through artist alley admiring all of the talent. There’s something for everyone there, from jewelry to sculptures to art prints. In fact, there was even a tattoo station, and I saw quite a few people in line. When I came home, I left with a bag full of posters, a narwhal plush for my collection, and a handmade dragon sculpture. 

I’ve been to several conventions in St. Louis, ranging from Comic Con’s crowds of thousands to smaller conventions with only a few hundred guests. They’re one of my favorite events outside of WashU, and going with a large group of friends is always a blast. I get to buy art, meet famous people, and just generally have a great, if exhausting, day. This post may not have been very WashU-oriented, but I hope I gave you some insight into what goes on in St. Louis! Campus is beautiful, but the city itself always has great things to do.