40 things to love about the (South) 40

What’s so great about this place we call the South 40 – the area where all first-year students and many sophomores call home? We asked Jordan, Eddy, Pegah, Tess, Dan, Aline, Katie, Nate, Sue Yeon, Madeline, Ian, and too many other students to name and compiled this list of 40 things they love about the 40. What do you think your favorite part will be?

  1. Great community feel
  2. Amazing food
  3. It’s happy!
  4. Events right outside your residence hall

151004_mor_swamp_carnival_005 151004_mor_swamp_carnival_048

  1. Surrounded by friends
  2. Everything you need is at most a five-minute walk away
  3. Faculty Fellows and Associates
  4. It’s impossible to be bored
  5. Congress of the South 40
  6. Separated from the main campus, but easy to get to classes
  7. The Swamp – trust us, it’s awesome
  8. Bear’s Den


  1. You always see someone you know
  2. The residence halls are fantastic!
  3. Diversity
  4. Food is available virtually all the time
  5. Architecture and design are inviting
  6. Res College Olympics


  1. Resident Advisors (RAs)
  2. Pickup basketball and sand volleyball games
  3. Hammocks
  4. You’ll bond with fellow first-years, as well as upperclassmen
  5. Tutoring services are easily accessible
  6. Free activities
  7. Tempur-Pedic mattresses
  8. South 40 pride


  1. Comfy lounges and study rooms
  2. Each floor of each residence hall is unique
  3. Student Health Services
  4. Washington University Student Associates (WUSAs)
  5. WUStock


  1. Active community of learners
  2. Housekeeping!
  3. Easy to get involved
  4. South 40 Fitness Center
  5. Paws ‘n’ Go Convenience Store is…well…convenient
  6. Bright colors
  7. Friendly food service professionals
  8. Student-owned businesses – including a candy shop!
  9. Student Technology Services