Saving Time and Some March Updates

Today is the last day of March, this means it is almost time for *drum roll* the busiest time of the semester. April, in the eyes of a college student, means the month of endless assignments. This is because ALL of our performances, final projects, term papers, and final tests and quizzes happen in April. For some reason, professors tend to think that having our final assignments due in April is better, since this means less work for finals week. HOWEVER, I feel like both April and May are equally intense and stressful. You’ll be spending 90% of your time either in class or the library.


“that library life”

My solution to all of this? Save time! Below are 3 tips that can help you find that extra 30 minutes a day to study just a bit more for that huge upcoming exam.

1. Eat at 11:00 a.m. If you have an 11:30 a.m. class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, instead of waiting in line for food at noon, go to the DUC to eat “brunch” right at 11:00 a.m. I have been doing this for this entire semester. The best thing about eating at 11 is that there is no line—everyone (especially those who eat in the DUC) tends to wait until noon or later to grab lunch. Plus, lunch begins right at 11, so all the food is fresh, hot, and ready to be picked up. It is also less crowded. This means that instead of scrambling to find an open table, you’ll have plenty of empty ones to pick from! Afterwards, you an use the time that you would have spent waiting in line and trying to find a table to study. ☺
2. Check the Weather App. I still remember freshman year when I used to wake up, pull out a random outfit from my closet, and walk out my dorm. I also remember the many times I had to come right back to my room to change my outfit because I didn’t check the weather app. St. Louis weather is unpredictable. It could be raining today, snowing tomorrow, and sunny the day after. Even this semester, I tend to ignore the weather app and walk out my room without bringing an umbrella or wearing rain boots. My advice now is to always bring an umbrella, because a “30% chance of rain” could mean a huge thunderstorm. This will also save precious time because you won’t have to walk back to your dorm to change clothes.
3. Use a .pdf calendar. I have to thank my four-year advisor for this one (Dean Romney). During the first month of freshman year, my advisor met with all of her advisees. She handed everyone a copy of printed .pdf calendars for the Fall semester and told us to mark every assignment due date and exam date on it. These .pdf calendars have been a part of my college life ever since. I *love* being able to see my entire semester in four sheets of paper. Unlike the bulky store-bought calendars, these .pdf calendars don’t have U.S. holidays on them or distracting pictures all over them. At the beginning of the semester, I stuck all four sheets on the wall right in front of my desk, and throughout the semester, I cross off every major assignment or exam that I complete. This has probably helped me work ahead on assignments and not miss any deadlines.

Aside from studying, I have also had a super fun month of March!

One of the student groups that I am in, Student Sustainability Fund, did some intense PR to promote our application deadline. In the end, we received five amazing projects, four of which received funding! One project suggested using labels on light switches to educate Wash U students about the function of each switch and how much energy it requires. Another project brought a Green Activist speaker to Wash U to lead a workshop.


Another student group that I am a part of, Washington University Pops Orchestra, hosted a Trivia Night. We had pizza and snacks, friends who are both musicians and non-musicians, and trivia questions from presidential elections to pop music. Although my team did not win, we still had so much fun! I also learned a lot about the most random facts!


Lastly, I also went bowling with with some friends. On my left is my friend Mario, who dressed up as Micky Mouse (as you can see from his mouse ears, haha). I managed to get one strike, but still the lowest score out of everyone. 😛 Another friend, Hannah, did pretty well despite her saying that she wasn’t a pro at bowling (I thought she was).




Good luck with studying and Happy April!
~ Nancy 🙂