Food Hacks on Campus

A bunch of my friends are studying abroad in Europe right now, and I see their Snapchat stories of dripping gelato cones, mouthwatering pasta plates, and rows of decadent sweets. Although I admit I am jealous, it only makes me more determined to eat the best food here at WashU. Our food, as it happens, is rated one of the top out of all the colleges in America.

After attending WashU for going on three years now, I’ve tried just about every spot to eat on campus. I’ve ordered all the options, and can now successfully say that I’ve learned what’s best. I want to share this information with you through a list of “food hacks.” Hopefully, these tips and tricks will surprise and excite you about WashU’s incredible food options.

  1. Ask for pink sauce at Ibby’s (red sauce and white sauce combined).
  1. Bauer makes delicious omelets in the mornings. Wake up early and start your day off right.
  1. Order a sunny-side up egg to put over your stir-fry at the Village or BD.
  1. There is now KOMBUCHA in the Village and Paws n’ Go. If you don’t know what this is, it’s a bubbly beverage (tastes like soda) and it’s all the rage in health markets today. It’s amazing.
  1. Want gum but are too lazy to walk to BD/the Village? Every dorm has a vending machine with a few different types of gum.
  1. Order a grilled chicken breast at the grill and put it on your salad from Paws n’ Go.
  1. Ask for an egg wrap at Einstein’s. They don’t just make bagels!
  1. Heat up the pre-packaged sandwiches at Etta’s. Everything tastes better warm.
  1. Buy an avocado to cut up and put in your Paws n’ Go salad.
  1. Craving a gourmet meal but don’t have a car to get off campus? Order Ibby’s takeout and eat at your leisure.

The food at Wash U is delicious to begin with, but if you try some of these food hacks you will be more satisfied than ever.